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Lou M

World Class Trading Education

After being exposed to the information that NV teaches, I don't know how anyone could trade without it. Retail trading education is garbage, and it only leads to disaster.

This is pro education for serious investors, from a true professional with a serious track record. You can't trade with the big league if you don't have access to this information; period. It is like fighting with your hands tied behind your back.

NV, thank you for your work, Sir. This is truly the only way anyone could have a fighting chance in this business.

Trustpilot logo5 star review icon
Julian K

Do not risk a penny before this course

I rarely write reviews, but this is a very honourable exception: the further I have progressed through NV’s exceptional material, the more I have been confronted with the gulf that separates his training from anything else out there accessible to the retail trader. It has not been easy to admit to myself the idiocy of what I have been doing for so long (over a decade!), and how much of my own time and money I have wasted over the years pursuing fraudulent dead-ends from retail ‘educators’ with no proven track record peddling rubbish for their own ends.

This course should be compulsory for anyone opening a brokerage account, I cannot recommend the G7FX course highly enough.

Trustpilot logo5 star review icon
Ben O'Reilly

The only trading course you will ever need

As someone who has spent the last few years trying to become a profitable trader, going from retail course to retail course learning the same useless technical analysis tools and indicators over and over again it has been a breath of fresh air learning how the markets really work and how to best identify trading opportunities from doing the G7FX course. The concepts are taught in great detail which makes them easy to understand and apply. For anyone wanting to become a profitable trader my recommendation is to forget everything you have ever learnt in the past and do the G7FX course ASAP. Stop wasting your money buying people’s courses who can’t prove they actually trade for a living with verified results.

Trustpilot logo5 star review icon
Shaun Eyre

Best thing I have ever done

After many years of spending money on many courses which promise you the world I am happy to say I finally found someone who genuinely knows what he's talking about.After only a short time on the course I have learned how the markets really work and this has nothing to do with indicators or strategies. I think NV is probably the only trader I have come across that will publicly share all his trades and hides nothing unlike most out there that cannot prove or back up what they are saying. This course is the best thing I have ever done and I know now with hard work I will get there and cannot thank G7FX enough for everything.

Trustpilot logo5 star review icon
Aryan Kamali

This course is exceptional

This course is exceptional. I have probably saved years of going down the wrong path looking at signals and moving averages which I can see now were destined to fail.

I have a background in medicine and I can honestly say that Neerav's course is very well thought out. Its systematic and logical; Neerav makes sure that your trading knowledge is being built on strong foundations. His years of experience really come through as he candidly explains what data professional trading firms are using (not signals) and how they are using it. He guides you step by step through the exact process that professional traders are using.

Trustpilot logo5 star review icon
Zdeněk Pečinka

Live saver..

It's hard to admit, but I've lost FIVE YEARS of my life (and a lot of money) trying all kinds of retail trading courses and nothing I've learned there never took me any closer to becoming profitable..doesn't it look familiar to you?

Please, don't repeat my mistake and save yourself few years..check NV on youtube, look up his results at myfxbook if you still hesitate..but I can promise you that you won't regret giving him a try!

Few minutes of listening to NV was enough to open my eyes..completing his course gave me 1000x better understanding of markets. The cost of the course is nothing compared to the insight you will get..this is best buy ever.

Trustpilot logo5 star review icon
Graham Case

After doing this course I really feel…

After doing this course I really feel embarrassed about all the retail BS I’ve been sucked into over the last two years. I have spend around 15k for retail education and losses from trading the markets like every other retail trader.

I was about to give up and I come across this course, I always had a gut feeling I was being fed rubbish trading all different styles
Now what can I tell you about this course, it’s amazing and so interesting and I now look at the market so different. My trading performance has turned around it’s unbelievable.

Thanks NV and the team I am on my way now ;-)

Trustpilot logo5 star review icon
Jean Carlo Trombetta H.

Excellent trading course, 100% recommended

This is the first time I see something totally different on trading education, also this guy have audited real accounts with results that I have never seeing before.

The moment you take the course you start to understand why and how price moves, everything starts to make sense, after finished the course I feel more confident and more selective about the situations I would like to trade. I recommend it, will change the way you trade 100%.

Trustpilot logo5 star review icon
Austin Patterson

The Red Pill

I have traded for over 10 years. Continuously failing or breaking even at best. I wasn’t going to give up though and then I came across NV.

Was hesitant at first, but I eventually took the plunge to see what the material was about. That was the best decision I’ve made to date in terms of trading.

The past two trading weeks, I HAVE NOT HAD A LOSING DAY. That’s right, 10/10 on making money in the markets.

His course is the red pill you need to take to get out of the matrix and start seeing the markets for what they actually are. TRUST ME, YOU WILL BE VERY HAPPY YOU DID.

Trustpilot logo5 star review icon

Finally! Someone who knows and can prove what they are doing!

Finally!! This is what I have been looking for, I am gaining such a great understanding of the market, instantly know market conditions and can then put a trading plan together for the day according to the type of market we are in. I have now realised what a scam the rest of the forex educator industry is! How can someone trade without knowing the volumes and where those orders are taking place?? I spent four years and thousands of pounds on so called Forex Course only to lose more money in the markets trying to use these made up strategies!! Thank you so much NV for sharing your incredible knowledge straight from an institutional trader WITH an amazing track record.