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Pro Course

(The Pro & Foundation Courses Are Included With Your Purchase)
Plus Free custom Footprint worth £1,250+


After 3-6 months at a professional trading firm, you will typically be introduced to more advanced volume analysis. So we do the same and follow that same timetabling.

I went through this exact process myself many years ago so am best placed to guide you as you work your way through the footprint, volume profile and ultimately the VWAP in the Pro Course.

All this is done on charts as we move away from the DOM. However, as you will have spent several months learning raw price data in the Foundation Course your understanding of these tools we now use exclusively on charts should by now be up there with the very best institutional traders in the world.

As with the DOM, if you were to try and purchase a footprint you would be paying £1,250 minimum. I have custom built a professional footprint better than anything in the open marketplace and am happy to provide it to you completely free in the Pro course.

I provide these tools to you for free because when I said I believe everyone should be given the same opportunity the very best traders in the world were given when they started their careers; I meant it.

We finish the Pro Course by developing edge and getting you on the simulator. Again, this is exactly how a professional firm operates. The Pro Course should take about 3 months, again depending on your schedule. Any questions, let me know.

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G7FX Members Only Blog & Support

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It is normal you will have questions and require support as you progress and it is very important to me that you feel confident you always have the facility to ask anytime something comes up.

I recognise if I just left you to do a course with no help I would be doing you a massive disservice and it also doesn't sit well with me, that's why I provide all the support I do.

You can reach out to the dedicated G7FX Members Only support anytime for your questions to be answered related to the course and help will be provided, no matter how small the question.

Finally I have an exclusive G7FX Members Only blog where you will be able to continue your education with material that supplements the main course.

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